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You want it? We got it. Whether you are a fan of wine, beer, or spirits, Urban Market Chicago offers one of the largest selections in the area.

Our impressive selections comprise both popular and smaller local Chicago brands, increasing your chances of finding the right taste. Our team invests ample time and effort into choosing the best for you, including seasonal top beer flavors, the finest spirits, and unique wines. Visit our store or website and select your favorite and hippest product lines. We are always ready to deliver right to your door or have you pick up your order.

Our Beer Selections

It even gets better when there are several options to choose from. But it takes considerable time and effort, which are luxuries only a few people can afford.

The beer section at Urban Market Chicago Alcohol Department is where you find classic beer flavors alongside new and unique varieties from across the country.

Asides from the local craft beers, we offer a rich selection of imported beer flavors from popular countries. You can also take advantage of our seasonal selections to enjoy your special days and holidays.

From lager to malt, ale, and stout, you can rest assured of finding your go-to beer in our one-stop beer selection. Our team is always on the ground to assist you in making the right choices and making your overall shopping experience enjoyable.

Our Wine Selections

Urban Market Chicago is the go-to place to purchase top-quality wines in Chicago and surrounding areas. Our shelves of hundreds of wine selections also consist of your favorite varietals. From collectibles to domestic wines, wine lovers will enjoy our vast selection of white wines, red wines, and everything in between.

What about champagnes? You can trust us for a rich collection of the finest champagnes. We also have a wide range of options for lovers of region-specific wines worldwide – Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Eastern European Wines, amongst others.

Are you new to the world of wines and need some wine information or recommendations? You can also reach out to our warm, friendly, and well-informed staff for guidance and wine pairings. We offer not only the finest wines but the best wine deals.

Our Spirit Selections

Our spirit selection is divine and stocked with top shelf options and organic selections. Our team works really hard to keep our collections updated with premium options for you to choose from.

Join other spirit shoppers who have made Urban Market their favorite place for premium spirit drinks and mixers today. We are always happy to receive and respond to your inquiries.

Check Out Our Exciting Wine Bar!

Everyone wants to have a nice time outdoors. If you wish to go out with old friends or cozy up alone in your thoughts in a serene environment, the wine bar is an excellent place to be.

At Urban Market Chicago, we offer a better alternative to the usual wine bars in most restaurants and dining. Experience a restaurant style wine bar without the restaurant price tag.

With our Wine Club membership, enjoy 10% off a wide range of incredible wines from different parts of the world.

Start Shopping Your Favorite Alcohols Now!

At Urban Market Chicago, we are committed to always providing our customers with a rich collection of alcoholic beverages, including wines, spirits, and beer. Our wine bar is always open to the entire Chicago wine lovers and enthusiasts. Feel free to stop by at our store or call to us with any special requests. We are always happy to help!

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