Café and
Made-To-Order Bar

Discovering a hip and unique one place with your favorite snacks and fast foods is a great luxury. Knowing you can visit a café and have your favorite fruits and vegetables blended into a rich and chilled smoothie juice is another great luxury.

But what’s better? Having both luxuries at the same location and at the same time. And that is exactly what you get at the Café and Made-To-Order Bar of Urban Market Chicago.

Personalized Smoothie Juices and Protein Shake Bar

Smoothie juices can be amazingly relaxing and healthy. But how often do we get to enjoy them? Now your busy schedules cannot stop you from enjoying your unique blend of smoothie or protein shakes.

At Urban Market Chicago, we run a café dedicated to having the best selections. Our excellent partnerships with local farmers mean we have the freshest and healthiest fruits ready at all times. As part of our commitment to serving our Urban family the best, we source all our ingredients directly from the farm. Our quality assurance team also double-checks them to ensure they are of the best quality. You are absolutely in safe hands.

Our baristas are talented and always on the ground to serve you. All you have to do is walk into our Café, mention your preferences, and we get you a glass of your favorite smoothie juice or protein shake in no time.

Taking your dog for a walk? No problem! Stop by our express pick-up window.

Exquisite Made-to-Order Hot Bar

We currently have a wide variety of fast foods and snacks, with everyone having their favorites. Asides from being very delicious, offer the convenience and easy accessibility these foods offer.

Your search for a made-to-order food and snack spot ends here. At Urban Market Chicago, we have a full-fledged hot bar dedicated to providing everyone with the best fast foods and healthy alternatives.

We have something great for everyone, from Smashburger and tacos, to kababs, fresh sushi, fresh-baked pizza, zoodles and cauliflower rice… we have everything you are looking for.

With our online delivery partners ordering and delivery is made simple.

Best-in-Class Dining Experience

Our unique kitchen will have the best of all worlds. Indulge yourself with a favorable cheeseburger or stay healthy with a lean-low calorie dish. We have it all at Urban Market’s hot bar.

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